Enrolment Flow


  1. Get REGISTRATION FORM from the Dean/Head of the Institute where your course is assigned;
  2. Fill up the registration form and secure subject load/schedule from the Dean/Head;
  3. Proceed to the Production Office for the School ID Verification;
  4. Proceed to the Director for Student Services for orientation and signing of student’s pledge;
  5. Submit the filled up registration form with the entrance credentials to the Office of the Registrar and get your approved study load;
  6. Submit the scholarship copy of your study load and scholarship form (PYG/CHED/NCIP/etc) to the Scholarship Coordinator;
  7. Submit the assessment slip to the Cashier;
  8. Go back to the registrar’s office for validation;
  9. Present the duly validated assessment slip by the Registrar’s and Cashier’s Personnel to your respective Institute Dean/Head.

FAILURE to COMPLY with all the steps will make YOUR ENROLMENT NULL and VOID.