Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives


CPSC envisions to become a vibrant, empowered and dynamic Institution of higher learning which is accessible, globally competitive, culturally and morally sensitive towards sustainable eco- tourism and natural resource development.


Pursuant to Sec. 3 of R.A. 7923, the College shall provide professional, technical and special instructions for special purposes and to promote research and extension services, advanced studies and progressive leadership in Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and other relevant studies.


The CPSC objectives are the following:

  1. To provide training in the various fields of Engineering and Technology, Agriculture, Arts, Sciences, Education, Marine Biology and other relevant studies;
  2. To equip the students with skills, positive attitudes, self-knowledge and expertise that would make them functional and useful members of society;
  3. To cultivate in the students open-mindedness, critical thinking, appreciation for environment, creativity, resourcefulness and industry;
  4. To offer a balanced education that demands quality performance from among the faculty and maximum effort from the students;
  5. To constantly upgrade the quality of its instruction in all curricular programs;
  6. To establish linkages with government and non-government agencies for training’s of OJT students and faculty members and job placements and employment opportunities of graduates.